Sunday, November 27, 2005

internet Web Site Design

There are so many choices when talking about web site hosting, design and promoting. My first posting here will be for those who has little or no web site experience but want to have a professional web appearing in the internet. I will show some of the simple techniques and skills in choosing different ways from web site hosting, web design, content management and web site promotion in different search engine.

Domain Name

Let's start first with website domain name choosing. A easy to remember and descriptive domain name definately will draw a lot of hits naturally. That's why so many genius bought so many domain name when the internet first started booming. The most evident is so Nissan has to choose Some other people made a killing by just reserving those names and sell them later on.

If there is no short name, I would suggest a longer name rather. As the community search is advancing rapidly, people just don't want to remember anything. Bookmarking website could provide convenient tool bar for you to tag your favorite site and access them later on. Also as the Internet 2 is comming, there will be more websites coming. So bookmarking will be best solution to remember sites. Here are my suggestions:,,,

Hosting Solutions

Next, let's talk about finding a good and secure hosting site. Your site needs to be on the internet 24/7 and not easily be hacked too. So a secure and renowned hosting should be considered. Price is also another reasons. If you want more flexibility, 1and1 is a good site. It offeres quite a lot of tools for you to create webpages, access databases, enough storage, multiple domain names as well as integrate with many other marketing tools such as email subscription, forum etc.

Yahoo small business is another good choice. It offeres pretty cheaper price with a cheap web hosting solutions. You could also search free web hosting or affordable web hosting through google. It is better to find a ecommerce web hosting so credit card processing and shopping cart could be easily applied.

Web Page Layout

The key to a prefessional web pages are navigational bars that could provide easy access to all of your key content pages within 2 or 3 clicks. The page should be simple or rich in text rather than using too many pictures that are slow to download. If you want to use Google Adsense, you might want to consider integrating them into a hot positions which are top center location. Try use static url for easy indexing of Google Crawler. You could also use web site template offered by other companies to create web pages.

Website Design

Setting up a sales page and thank you page for products with resell rights using ClickBank. Creating shopping cart with clear ordering links and payment method processing with PayPal or other credit processing provider. Installing a perl mailing list program, adding forms to your site for easy feedback from your visitors, installing a free blog on your website and setting up a discussion forum are good ways to have your visitors coming back again and again. RSS feeds provide another way for your customer to dynamically know your news.

Content Matters

It is pretty easy to create a webpage optimized, trading links with some other relevant sites and then you get a good PR a few years ago. Google now is trying to switch onto to webpages with enough content and authoritive websites. Centering around a few high paying key words would be helpful on one page so targeted viewers could be drawn. Optimizing your pages for high search engine ranking still needs to pay much attention to. Seperate sponsored links clearly from your site content.

Web Site Promotion

Write articles and papers to ezine, list your sites with as many open directories as possible. Create classified ads, write your own ebook, set up auto respondent, create redirects for your affiliate links. Put bookmarking site on places that are easily accessed. Set up your site url in your email signature file.

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