Thursday, February 23, 2006

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For those of you who are tired of static images, dull pictures, here is good news. provides a downloadabe free web cam software from which you could view live web cam show ranging from traffic information to city scenary, from outdoor to computer chips. You could also see who is getting married, who is in hairdreser. You could also see Carribean Cruise route even before your real travel. You could also see spotlights at Disney World, skiing resort all over the world. All are totally free web cam show provided by web cam fans like you and me.

This is in fact a hot widgets created by url is and bought by Yahoo later on and became Yahoo Widgets site. A little note is if you type, you will be redirected to Yahoo's widgets site. There are a large variety of widgets you could choose from. Fun and Games, Date and Time, News Feeds, Sight and Sound, Geek Stuff and much more. If you like, you could even contribute your version of widget and upload into the gallary.

I downloaded Cam Viewers which provide real time pictures taken from different cities from Canada. I also installed traffic widget to monitor local live traffic information. I would like to say pictures are now real clear and sometimes, it might not provide any feed at all.

Web cam chat nowadays become more and more hot in dating, and language learning. People could just sign in, set up a earphone set, you then could view and chat with anyone you like. You could also select your language chat partner through several websites to improve your langauge skills such as,, ESL Online Talk, English Learn.

One of another hot web cam application is home web cam for parents to monitor their kids or just for purpose of taking a look of your favourite pets, or for security's reason. A recent breaking news is some crimes happened through web am site People grabbed the young girls address and physically visit and assault the girls. To set up, it's pretty easy; you could choose creative web cam, or logitech web cam or yahoo web cam.

You could even become an online star by creating your own version of video show and post it on podcasting site and earn some extra money. The hottest business still sits on the adult business. If you search with phrases like "web cam girl", "adult web cam chat", "teen web cam", "adult web cam", "amateur web cam", the returned results might shock you. Be cautious here.


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submit website Here's the goodnews: if you submitted your site to the major directories and got listed with one of them, then Google andother crawlers willalmost certainly pick up the URL that was listed. This means you may not need to do additional work to getlisted withcrawlers.

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What are you getting out of this relationship besides a bad time said one of the callers on the chat lines? What do you want from him Bonitta said? Whatever it is, youre obviously not getting it because hes incapable of giving it to you.

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