Thursday, March 02, 2006

Breeze Meeting Connection Errors

Here are a list of all of our user's description about the connection error when they tried to connect to Breeze Meeting:

"I am unable to connect for the last 5 minutes. The screen is stuck at "Breeze Meeting" connecting...".

"I am having trouble connecting to Breeze chat. It says loading breeze and then it freezes after that green status lines finishes loading. I will try restarting my computer."

"I'm having problems joining the chat. There are script errors."

"Still unable to connect. The connection times out after I enter my name - so I'm getting through partially. I have never seen this issue before."

"I cannot connect. I tried from 2 computer and I get the same error. it says connecting but nothing happens. The URL says ""
After I enter as guest it loads breeze and then nothing happens."

"It's 2:15 pm now and I still can't get into the room. The Breeze is trying to connect the meeting... "

" I tried this and it still does not seem to log me in. Are others experiencing the same problem? " ---- User was asked to try copying the URL and pasting into a new browser.

"No luck. I tried everything, including restarting computer and cable modem. I'll continue trying for a few more minutes then give up."

"I am getting the following error when trying to connect:
Connection: Timed Out
server: rtmp://,rtmpt:// "

We use Windows 2003 Server, SQL Server 2000 SP4, Firewall is on, SSL installed, NT authentication, TWO NIC associated with Breeze server with two IP addresses.

Thanks for reading and suggestions.